Auditions pour Cutting Edge 3

L’Agence de casting Andrea Kenyon* recherche acteurs et doublures pour le film « Cutting Edge 3 ». Comme ces personnes doivent aussi et même surtout savoir patiner, vous pouvez faire appel à votre entourage pour qui l’aventure pourrait intéresser.

Je vous joint plus loin la description des personnages recherchés. Il y a plusieurs âges spécifiés. Les auditions et le tournage auront lieu à Montréal. Pour tout renseignement supplémentaire, veuillez communiquer avec monsieur Bousquet à l’adresse électronique suivante (remplacer à par @) : ybousque à

* Pour votre information, Andrea Kenyon est une Directrice de casting bien établie à Montréal ; elle a fait la distribution de Le violon rouge, Les boys II-III, The Day After Tomorrow, Gothika, Secret Window, Taking Lives, 300, Blades Of Glory, Dead Zone Season 6, Tournament I-II… entre autres. Elle a aussi été mise en nomination pour un Emmy Award pour la distribution de la minisérie américaine The Reagans.


Area of Media TV Feature Production Company Cutting Edge Productions (Muse) Inc. Co-Exec Producer Hudson Hickman, Craig Roessler & Sara Berrisford Producer(s) Irene Litinsky Director Stuart Gillard Casting Director Andrea Kenyon Casting Associate Randi Wells Casting Assistant Shawn Roberts Audition Location(s) Andrea Kenyon & Associates Casting – 7535 St-Denis (corner of Faillion) Shooting Location(s) In and around Montreal. Script Availability Via email – upon request only. Contact Info : 7535 St. Denis, Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2E7 Tel :(514) 948-2000, Fax :(514) 948-1604

Key Dates, Rates and Union Shooting Starts Approximately August 20th, 2007 Shooting Finishes September 16th, 2007 Rates & Union : ACTRA + 105% buyout/prepayment

Storyline and Comments Storyline : When ZANE CONNOR, the skating world’s hottest, most eligible bachelor, accidentally injures his partner and lukewarm girlfriend CELESTE DEMARCHELIER during a competition, he must find a new partner in time for the world championships in Paris. Enter ALEJANDRA RUIZ, a beautiful, tough tomboy and ex-hockey player who challenges Zane both on and off the rink. The two fall feverishly in love with one another, but before they can be together for real, Zane has to earn Alejandra’s trust by learning to commit to a single path… Comments REAL FIGURE SKATING (AND IN SOME CASES HOCKEY) CAPABLITIES ARE AN ASSET ; PLEASE NOTE ALL SKILLS IN THIS AREA… Submission Instructions : Please submit on- line, or fax submission lists to 514-948-1604 ; Attn : Andrea. Follow with hard copy photo/resumes of any performers that are not on-line, by the deadline. Thank you for your cooperation.

Characters (Lead) ALEJANDRA RUIZ Gender : FEMALE Age : 19 HISPANIC. Gorgeous but tough, with a tomboy vibe, she’s a hockey player with some fierce moves and a fearless skating style. Even though her lifelong goal has always been to see the world, she hesitates when Zane Connor, the world’s most handsome and eligible skater, asks Alejandra to join him to compete for the pairs skating World Championship in Paris. The reason she hesitates is twofold : she’s a serious, conscientious accounting student who has exams coming up, and she works in her family’s market ; she can’t just take off and leave them in the dust. Alejandra’s brash, sassy, brave demeanor and good looks immediately captivate Zane, however, and together with Alejandra’s brother, Flavio, Zane succeeds in convincing Alejandra to give her dreams a chance. Determined to make a mark in the skating world, Alejandra insists on incorporating the risky, infamous Pamchenko jump, a move that requires complete and utter trust between partners. What she doesn’t count on is falling deeply in love with Zane, who is still half- heartedly committed to his girlfriend Celeste, and getting her heart broken. But it takes a lot more than mere heartache to keep Alejandra down. Actress must be able to ice skate and also speak Spanish.

(Large Principal) CELESTE DEMARCHELIER Gender : FEMALE Age : 18-22 She is a stunningly beautiful ice skater with the delicate looks of a prima ballerina. She is Zane Connor’s pairs skating partner, and has been for the past 10 years. Despite her young age, she has a long, torrid history with Zane, including recent romantic ups and downs that manifest themselves on the rink. When an accident sends both skaters flying, Celeste breaks her leg and must sit out the rest of the season. Easily enraged, extremely possessive of Zane, and very jealous, Celeste vetoes every pretty girl who auditions to replace her, and makes sure everyone involved knows the replacement is merely temporary. Despite her seemingly shrewish nature, Celeste has a surprisingly sweet and thoughtful side to her as well ; and after she and Zane finally break up for good, we see her sincerely generous side in motion when Celeste helps re-unite Alejandra with Zane on the ice. Actress must be able to ice skate.

(Large Principal) JACKIE DORSEY/TBD Gender : FEMALE Age : 26 – 33 In her late 20s to early 30s, she is a kids’ skating instructor who truly loves her job but wouldn’t mind a real coaching challenge, and it arrives in the form of Zane and Alejandra, a mismatched skating pair who clearly need help getting their act together. Jackie is tough as nails and relentless in running drills, and she doesn’t believe in merely “trying one’s best” ; she wants to see concrete results, and she wants to see them now. Jackie meets her match in the equally tough and irrepressible Alejandra, and the two learn quickly to respect one another.

(Large Principal) JASON BRIGHT Gender : MALE Age : 20’s This figure skater, all big hair, airbrushed spandex and ’80s music, is snide, arrogant, and smarmy. He is Zane’s main rival on the rink, and when Zane performs, Jason spends his time hopefully chanting “fall, fall…”. Jason, who is not very bright and rarely realizes when he’s the butt of jokes, is paired with the equally smarmy Cindy, his bickering fiancee. Actor must be able to ice skate.

(Small Principal) CINDY HALGYORD Gender : FEMALE Age : 20’s This figure skater, all big hair, airbrushed spandex and ’80s music, is snide, arrogant, and smarmy. She is Celeste’s, and then Alejandra’s, main rival on the rink. She is frequently irritated by her partner and fiancee Jason’s dunderhead moves and has to constantly chastise him and rein him in. Actress must be able to ice skate.

(Actor) GIRL WITH BRACES Gender : FEMALE Age : 15 – 25 This ice skater with braces who talks a mile a minute auditions to be Zane’s new partner. She speaks with an obvious lisp but insists that she doesn’t have one.

(Actor) SERIOUS GIRL Gender : FEMALE Age : 18 – 23 This plain-looking, hard working ice skater also auditions to be Zane’s new partner. She is very serious and dedicated, and seems perfect for the job — except that she has extreme flatulence when she’s lifted in the air. Actress must be able to ice skate.

(Actor) TINY GIRL Gender : FEMALE Age : 8 This 8 year old girl, chewing gum and wearing pigtails, auditions to be Zane’s new partner and tells him she can kick his butt.

(Actor) HOCKEY SKATER #1, 2 Gender : MALE Age : 18 – 24 These hockey players mock Zane until he schools them on the ice. Actors must be able to skate.

(Non Speaking) CID RATTUNDA Gender : ’MALE’ Age : 20’s – 30’s This extremely tall, somewhat muscular ’female’ ice skater is six inches taller than ’her’ partner. In fact, “she” turns out to be a he and is disqualified from participating in the World Championship, paving the way for Zane and Alejandra to go.

(Non Speaking) CID’S PARTNER – ALEXEI Gender : MALE Age : 20’s – 30’s

(Non Speaking) 5 TO 6 YEAR OLDS ON ICE Gender : OPEN Age : 5 – 6